Collection: AP Brand Rep Opportunities

Thank you for being a brand rep! Below you will find all of the opportunities we have at this time! 

Not a Brand Rep? Or want to know more? We hire new brand reps every 3 months! See below if it is something you would be interested in and watch our Facebook and Instagram feed for the next round! 

📌the 411📌
➡️Photo Submissions of product(s) with 3 days of receiving
➡️Ability & Willingness to actively promote AP Creations consistently for the entire term
➡️Social Media presence and support including likes, comments and shares
➡️Provide uncluttered pictures with AP products being showcased on your child
As an AP Creations Brand Rep you will get the following benefits:
🎉FREE merch for photos as a need arises for AP Creations! It will be based on what sizes are in stock and what creations we need to make. All sizes and designs will be posed to our private Facebook Group. Items will go in order of comments.
🎉25% off code for your personal use
🎉15% off code for you to share with friends & family
🎉First to see new designs(in the testing phase)
🎉Exclusive group to offer feedback and ideas
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